donderdag 27 maart 2014


I remember it well... the long summer that blew over World of Warcraft after the Lich King was defeated. The csuffering of so many souls who where completely bored with current content, because the was no current content...  and in that darkness, bloggers united on a server called Argent Dawn, to form the guild, that did nothing, because we where to busy talking; Single Abstract Noun.

Now there are two things that made me do this post, first is logical. The current head lunatic of SAN-EU is taking a little break, and because we two knew each other from way back in Retribution, he asked me to hold the fort, so Gowron is now GM of SAN-EU, and I promptly did the first raid with Gowron since...well..I don't know...ICC I guess.

I am also doing the tournament dailies for the horsies and pets, and to be online more often. I have neglected my Horde-side for along time. The other part of this post is...well..terrifying. Maybe even more SAN-people will flock back to Argent Dawn..oh my.

Gowron and Immerseus

The problem is, that I foresee a new summer with no new content. Like with Wrath, this expansion was fairly quick. Within a year, the endboss was down, and we started to wait on the new expansion. Now, back then, I was not really actively raiding, but I did feel the slowlyness of it all, luckily I could go all Althoholic.

Now, with only two more levels to go on AD, what am I to do all summer.  Well..except that I can visit mountains in the UK, and there is a meet, and..oh.. ok, not maybe myself, but you get the idea.  Blizzard has been churning out patches and new content like crazy last 16 months, but now...  we have to wait..

In Innovation we already have felt the end-of-expansion-blues. Although we still raid 25's, the pace has died down a bit since the Garrosh Kills. People are taking, and I must say, well-deserved rests. But for those who still play...well..  we went from a fast pace killing normals, to about 1 HC boss/month..although last week, we did manage to down two new ones, both Galakras and Juggernaut went down.

In Cataclysm, Innovation downed HC-Deathwing 1 or 2 weeks before the pre-patch of Mists. And it at this moment we are on the same track, easily going on. Tonight is PacMan night (we skipped that sofar), but Innovation will raid on as the last 25 standing on the server if needed.

I don't know about the rest of Europe... but, if you ever feel like levelling a lowbie horde..and still have a place left on Argent dawn, well...

vrijdag 21 maart 2014


The fun part, after a hiatus in blogging, is that you come back, and find some unfinished stuff...which is now outdated, in your concept-folders. You read through it... and with the information of the past two months, you throw it away with a smile. It reminds me of a saying under teachers: "The huge number of students we let fail with results that later where made true."

But before I dive back into writing, why did I stop for a while. Partly because of more hours on the Job, but most impartantly, I had to stop using my old Mac for raiding. Since 2008 I have been the owner of a MacBookPro, and because my PC back then was much slower, I started to use the mac for World of Warcraft, and it did well. It was alo easy to make movies. But that was 2008, it is now 2014. The Mac no longer has a functioning DVD-drive, the touchpad is broken, and the Vidoecard is hugely Outdated.

Now, I could still use it, but I had to put all video-settings on low, and still dropped down to single-digit-fps during raids.... and I got Headaches... which is actually biologially related. Your brain works on around 50fps. But if you watch something with lower FPS, your brain actually fills in the blanks. Most movies are 24fps (iirc), so if you watch those, your brain has to work, hence the 'tired'feeling after watching a movie or TV for a longer time.

Now, imagine watching a screen on 7 fps for about 4 hours (raiding time of Innovation), your brains has to so much work, that you will actually start suffering headaches. That was happening to me, I have had incidents where I actually had to walk away from the keyboard during bossfights due to headache-attacks.

So, after another gruesome heroic fight with protectors, with low fps, and a headache coming up, I took an immediate 'leave of absence' from raiding. Luckily, I also got the news that week that my contract was extended by a day each week, and with that information, I went shopping for a new PC.

It took me two weeks to decide what to buy. In the end I decided on selfbuild. After two weeks of non-raiding I was back in Siege, only missing the heroic kill of Norushen, and this time I could see stuff with higher settings, and higher fps, and more important, no more headaches ( least not related to low fps).

I also got myself fraps, windows-WoW has no built-in recording-option like The Mac-WoW had, and I wanted to record some movies again, and in the past four weeks I have been collecting lots of gigabytes to make into a general Innovation movie, so, here's the Teaser I guess :p

...wait? Four weeks...  couldn't I have written anything..well.. 

The problem with having a Mac as only computer is the lack of games.. so last weeks, all my free time actually went into discovering the games I missed. Most notably Civilization V and Star Trek Online. Also some Heartstone (free mount), World of tanks, World of warplanes and Starcraft passed along...  So many games... and then the Warlords of Destr..Draenor pre-order came...

I did not buy it yet, mostly because I have no Idea what to do with a fee level 90. I have only 2 levels to go before I am full 90 on Argent Dawn. And then I can buy more for 60 dollar, or 50 euro or something. Frankly I would rather have an Extra character slot on Argent Dawn, then a free 90..  and buying more 90's, not going to happen for me I think..., buying an extra characterslot on Argent Dawn, I probably would go for that.