zondag 31 januari 2010

New Guild

Gowron,Mardah,Luaran,Lamars and Whiteheart joined a new guild last night.

My friend Gunho, co-founded a new guild called Shutout. The focus lies towards 10-mans, so there's a real possibility I will start raiding again. I hope with Gowron, but I also have a geared healer and dps, actually, Luaran has the best gear of the three.

So, for future reference, here is the Gowron-Guild-List (months are open for discussion)

feb2007:Gowron created, Blood Elf Paladin on Ghostlands-EU
mar2007:Joined Wanderers
Jun2007:Co-founded Retribution
Jan2008:Joined XII
Feb2009:Joined Blood and Tears
Mar2009:Left Blood and Tears
Apr2009:Joined XII
Jun2009:Left XII, joined The Largo Embargo, Gowron on Vacation
Jan2010:Server Transfer, Dwarf Paladin on Argent Dawn-EU, joined Dark Cloud
Jan2010:Joined Shutout

I had no problem leaving Dark Cloud, it was a very social guild, and the member who where mostly online are now in Shutout, and I do like the idea of starting guild, was there twice before, and it is always an exciting time.


edit: oh my, that means Gowron is almost 3 years old, and this blog is running for 2 years :p

dinsdag 26 januari 2010

Army of the stupids.

Really, why did Blizzard make this spell? To annoy all other tanks?

I got Tailswiped in VH??? What? Really, good idea to have the drake go circling, melee (incl. DK)+tank where flying everywhere.

Since the introduction of Death Knights, I only saw it used once when needed. That was 2 days ago in Pit of Saron, on Tyrannus. Somehow the healer died, and the DPS-DK (I was the tank) made the best descision at that point, cast Army of the Dead. That is the way to use it, as a oh-shit button when tank or healer bites the dust. It basically gives everyone the ability to step back for a moment, see what is happening and if needed to take another role (ele-shammy goes healing e.g.).

But all the other times, I see it used as a dps-gain. I have one question though, is the ghoul-taunt allways on, or can it be turned off like on hunter-pets? If yes, then I can blame the DK for not taking it off, if no, I can blame the DK for using it, well.. I just blame the DK.

I dont really see any use for this spell only to annoy other tanks....

donderdag 21 januari 2010

Forge of Souls

Forge of Souls

I ran that heroic around 20 times last weeks to get the best trinket for MM-hunters, needle-encrusted scorpion.

And now it seems, I am destined to tank it, until a Friend of mine gets it, he is at 28 tries sofar...

One thing about running with friends is that you know things will happen. There are some pulls with a lot of casters there, and I can count on it that one out of consecration-range will be frost-trapped :), and the other one will be tanked by the enhancement-shammie-friend, who, just like on his mage (see Dwarf2Noam) has the ability to always target the mob I have the least threat on :p

dinsdag 19 januari 2010

L2R Omen

I was making a post about dps,threat and other things... but I already read 7 of those today...

So here's the TL;DR version:

A DPS should never over-aggro the tank.

Now, this doesn't really counts for raids anymore I guess (no experience there) as it used to be in TBC, but it does count towards heroics. You may end up with a just-dinged-80... don't leave group, the run may take 5 minutes longer, just manage your threat.

There are also a lot of posts about CC today. Anyone remember that? It means Continuous Consecration... :p, just kidding, crowd control. It has no place anymore, except for a few pulls with casters in FoS and the waves in HoR. There are a lot of people who find that a shame, me included. But everything is an AoE-fest these days... why do we even have those spells??

zondag 17 januari 2010

Is there a secret to the LFD?

I know it is normally not 'nice' to show names of characters you don't know, but when it comes to names, well...

The partial screenshot is from a trinket-FoS-run I was in, and it let me to believe that the LFD-function of Blizzards has some secret parameters.

zaterdag 16 januari 2010

Some interesting news.

Over on mmo-champion is a Q@A with some Blizzard developers. Now there are a lot of things said about the answers on other blogs, so lets look at some of the more obscure news.

Q. Are there plans to improve the Dwarven Racials? At this point anything is better than Find Treasure.
A. Well, we are adding Archaeology to WoW...

So, as a dwarf, you'll probably be running around with find Treasure on, unless of course you are a herb/miner... interesting.

Q. For those of us who collect tabards and armor sets, do you see a way for us to store and not use our very limited inventory?
A. Yes. We'd like to store them the same way you do titles. In general, we don't want to punish the packrats out there who just like to collect stuff. We will have to wait and see what we can do about it though.

YES PLEASE. And it's not just for the tabard-collectors. Gowron has around 30 slots of healing gear, 35 slots on Tanking Gear, 20 slots on retri-gear. A bag with old stuff, a Bag with enchanting stuff, and some more, NEED MORE SPACE

woensdag 13 januari 2010

It's a Dwarf


Gowron has lost some height, and all the mass had to be applied somewhere else.

And after looking through my bags (lots of gear, and old-stuuf), I joined LFG...1sec..found group, DTK.

After I zoned in, I noticed something was wrong, no PallyPower, so I opened my spellbook for the blessings :p. After blessing everyone, I wanted to pull, but apparantly a rogue or DK was getting bored and started already... sorry to say, but if you want to make your tank angry, you should do just that /leave.

15 minutes later, join LFG, enter dungeon, VH this time. I am rusty, but when the healer was complaining about boredom, I knew it went good :p. After the dungeon, I noticed I had now 2 Frost and 5 Triumphs. I wonder where those other 2 triumphs came from, I don't recall doing any trumph-related stuff on Gowron.

I also did a TotC, a HoL, and Nexus. No upgrades from TotC, which could happen, but there was something else I noticed. I do remember tanking normal TotC in the week it came available, to find out how it tanked, but I didn't do heroic. Apparantly that means you cant skip the bullshit at the start... so we had some time to get a drink, toilet whatever...

At the end of the 4 runs, my fingers where again going smoothly over my belkin, hitting the right buttons, although I should us Sacred Shield more on bosses I guess. No one died in the runs, and my second mana-bar (the healer's one), was never below 75%. I sometimes did have problems with aggro, mmm, actually some dps had problems with aggro, going all out on a Mob I wasn't targetting, but most of the time that didn't even matter, probably because of Seal of Command..

Yes, Command.

I never stopped reading Maintankadin, so I knew that for 4 or more mobs, Seal of Command gives better aggro. Because Hammer of the Righteousness works on max three targets, every time I had a pull of 4 or more, I switched from Vengeance to Command, and had almost no problems with the aggro.

Actually Command also gives more threat on 3 mobs then Vengeance apparantly, but that would mean a lot more Seal-changing, and I did struggle with mana. Probably because I didn't felt comfortable enough to massive chain-pulls yet.

Today I will probably que for some of the normals, especially TotC for that stam-trinket. And for the ICC-dungeons also, gief upgrades. And I will be doing some of the AT-dailies, I noticed that I am almost exalted with all factions, so time to get another title. I also noticed that I am 1, maybe 2 runs away from being exalted with the ashtongue deathsworn, the Black temple-faction, so maybe i should get that up.

Well, enough emblem-farming to do, I can have three roles :p. And being a Tank, it's really, log in, join LFG, goto dungeon in mere seconds...

dinsdag 12 januari 2010

And now? Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I asked myself: What now? Mardah, my Tree, had all the pre-frost stuff she wanted, except maybe a trinket from one of the ICC-dungeons. So what to do now?

So, the last 3 weeks orso, I huntered on. And 2 days ago, Luaran is at the same stage as Mardah. She got all the pre-frost gear she wants, and there are three upgrades left in the new dungeons. Shoes, necklace and that trinket that never drops :(

She started as SV-hunter, but quickly went with MM-ArP-build. Problem is, in dungeons you move a lot, not on bosses, but between everything else. Mobs die very fast. Now Luaran's ArP was high enough to actually make that build better, but with all the wuick dying stuff, I respecced her into the MM-Agi build, putting Arcane Shot back into bussines. But, as I said, she is almost done. Doing the random and the ICC-dungeons every day, together with th JC-daily and the fishing daily, so what now?

I did get a tip for a raid-community, they raid 3 times a week, 19-23. Problem is, my RL is still not fully healed, so after a long night thinking I decided not to go raiding just yet. I do like to play for something though, something that both Mardah and Luaran can't really do anymore...

So what now?

I could level one of my 70+ alts, but tbh, I don't feel like levelling atm, besides the levelling I do with two friends (Dwarf2Gnome). I could play my 80-rogue Lamars for a couple of weeks to gear him out. But, there's something holding me back...

Now, there is one more option. An 80-character with Blacksmithing (which I don't have on Argent Dawn atm) and enchanting (with a load of not-readily-available-enchants). This one has been on vacation for the past 7 months, and is sporting Naxx-gear, not epic gems (not available at that time), a slightly wrong talent-build, wrong server, wrong faction...

Should I?
It probably will be fun again to throw my Captain America's Shield, to hear the K-Tang from SHOR, and to be the front of the wave....

Should I?

Maybe I should read the subtitle of my blog...