dinsdag 26 januari 2010

Army of the stupids.

Really, why did Blizzard make this spell? To annoy all other tanks?

I got Tailswiped in VH??? What? Really, good idea to have the drake go circling, melee (incl. DK)+tank where flying everywhere.

Since the introduction of Death Knights, I only saw it used once when needed. That was 2 days ago in Pit of Saron, on Tyrannus. Somehow the healer died, and the DPS-DK (I was the tank) made the best descision at that point, cast Army of the Dead. That is the way to use it, as a oh-shit button when tank or healer bites the dust. It basically gives everyone the ability to step back for a moment, see what is happening and if needed to take another role (ele-shammy goes healing e.g.).

But all the other times, I see it used as a dps-gain. I have one question though, is the ghoul-taunt allways on, or can it be turned off like on hunter-pets? If yes, then I can blame the DK for not taking it off, if no, I can blame the DK for using it, well.. I just blame the DK.

I dont really see any use for this spell only to annoy other tanks....

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Matic zei

I love army in VH, its like playing dargon russian rullete!

And no, its not as a hunter's pet, its a guardian. Which means u get no pet UI and no general control over it.

Also: Hey gow!