zondag 31 januari 2010

New Guild

Gowron,Mardah,Luaran,Lamars and Whiteheart joined a new guild last night.

My friend Gunho, co-founded a new guild called Shutout. The focus lies towards 10-mans, so there's a real possibility I will start raiding again. I hope with Gowron, but I also have a geared healer and dps, actually, Luaran has the best gear of the three.

So, for future reference, here is the Gowron-Guild-List (months are open for discussion)

feb2007:Gowron created, Blood Elf Paladin on Ghostlands-EU
mar2007:Joined Wanderers
Jun2007:Co-founded Retribution
Jan2008:Joined XII
Feb2009:Joined Blood and Tears
Mar2009:Left Blood and Tears
Apr2009:Joined XII
Jun2009:Left XII, joined The Largo Embargo, Gowron on Vacation
Jan2010:Server Transfer, Dwarf Paladin on Argent Dawn-EU, joined Dark Cloud
Jan2010:Joined Shutout

I had no problem leaving Dark Cloud, it was a very social guild, and the member who where mostly online are now in Shutout, and I do like the idea of starting guild, was there twice before, and it is always an exciting time.


edit: oh my, that means Gowron is almost 3 years old, and this blog is running for 2 years :p

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