zaterdag 16 januari 2010

Some interesting news.

Over on mmo-champion is a Q@A with some Blizzard developers. Now there are a lot of things said about the answers on other blogs, so lets look at some of the more obscure news.

Q. Are there plans to improve the Dwarven Racials? At this point anything is better than Find Treasure.
A. Well, we are adding Archaeology to WoW...

So, as a dwarf, you'll probably be running around with find Treasure on, unless of course you are a herb/miner... interesting.

Q. For those of us who collect tabards and armor sets, do you see a way for us to store and not use our very limited inventory?
A. Yes. We'd like to store them the same way you do titles. In general, we don't want to punish the packrats out there who just like to collect stuff. We will have to wait and see what we can do about it though.

YES PLEASE. And it's not just for the tabard-collectors. Gowron has around 30 slots of healing gear, 35 slots on Tanking Gear, 20 slots on retri-gear. A bag with old stuff, a Bag with enchanting stuff, and some more, NEED MORE SPACE

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