woensdag 10 februari 2010


Light, awake, sort of, strange feeling, there is something wrong.

He sat upright in his bunk, and looked around. There was something strange around. He looked at his feet, they seemed to be closer, his belly seemed bigger. But weren't they always this... but a strange feeling crept up his spine. Where was he? The room was large, or better said, high. The lay-out looked a little sloppy, but also familair.

'Ah, look, he finally is awake', a low voice sad. 'I thought he would never snap out of it.'

He looked to the voice, a face familair, yet unfamilair appeared. 'So, how was your trip through the Nether, old friend.' the voice said. Who was he? The face seemed of, distant memories floated in, a horned creature shifting into... a bear? But this one was not a bear... he was a dwarf, no horns on him. But the face was unmistakenly the same... 'Kemwer?, Is that you?'

'Ha, he remembers stuff Gunho', and other voice said. A third voice also joined, 'Hehe, he still sees a druid in you, Gunho,this will take some time to explain'. The two others also seemed familair, a dwarf and a creature from hell? Oh, a Draenai.

A Draenai? Wait that face, and that dwarf... 'Rasout? Jorky?'

'Ha', the dwarf laughed, 'One name he did get right'.
'Well, Jorky, you are the only one who actually kept your old name, unlike me and Tjaoten', the dwarf named Gunho said. 'The question is, what name he thinks he has?'

Three faces looked at him, a question was asked, and they where waiting on an answer. 'My name?' he asked. What a strange question, where they challenging him, but weren't they his friends?

'I am Gowron, slayer of demons, undead and dragons, what is happening here?'

Jorky answered 'Well, he kept his name allright, and what has happened here? We finally got you summoned here, to help us.'

'I am retired' he said, why did he said that, well he was certain he was. 'I gave up helping people a long time ago. I did my job for Silver.... wait... this is not Silvermoon, this is Ironforge, why am I thinking about the Blood Elf capital as home.. as well as Ironforge?. Oh no, you bastards!.'

A general laughter roared up. 'Now he remembers everything.' Tjaoten said laughing. 'Yes Gowron, we where succesfull, we changed worlds, and on this world we are Alliance, because here the Horde are the bad guys.'

Memories flooded his mind. He did retire, but after a few months his old friends showed up with a crazy idea. They heard that there was a way to switch worlds. A possibility to start over again on another world, not burdened by the things you did. No one begging to help you, what happened to often.

First he laughed at it. But they argued, and said his old friend Kemwer had done it. Kemwer, who he hadn't seen in a year... would it make sense. He was still sceptical. Three weeks later he went to visit Jorky, but he was gone. Only a note with some instructions where left.He had to drink something which Rasout would give to him.

But Rasout was also missing. In his home was a little bottle with a fluid in it, with a note. 'Drink it, and see you on the other side, Rasout.' He waited, he didn't trust it, and he was called into action by his former teammates.

He entered the house of the guild he used to be in, some people where familiar, but most where strangers.

He just couldn't be bothered anymore, his closest friends had left, an this new bunch of people were not known to him. So there he was sitting on night, with the bottle on his table....

And now he was here, in his old, and new home. Like it has always been it seemed.

'So,this is the one you told me about?', a female said. 'He seems a little fat and rusty'. A dark-haired human female appeared in the corner. She wore a robe, and with the absence of a demon, she looked like a mage. 'Are you sure he can do the job?'.

'Well, his gear needs some polishing, but he should be able to get into the flow quick enough.' was the reply by Gunho. 'Oh, and Gowron, meet Carnessa, a friend of ours.'

He walked towards his closet, and wondered what they wanted. He looked around, and saw a wolf and a bear sleeping in the corner, near some futuristic looking things, glowing in the dark. He opened his closet, and his eyes wandered his old armor and weapons. There was a mace which still carried the essence of life within, a big two-handed axe was hanging to the left. But he already figured out what he needed.

He took a drape-covered object, and removed the cloth. The shield had a skull on it, and what looked like a mouth, but there was something missing, maybe something that woman could do. He placed it on his left arm, and looked at her.

The woman named Carnessa, recognized the shield, and she started chanting. A firey ball was appearing, and 5 seconds later she exclaimed; 'Stand Clear'.

The Ball of Fire hurled toward him, and he put his shield up. The impact was violent, but the shield seemed to absorp the fire, like it was hungry. And when it was done, the shield was on fire. Like it should be.

'So', he said, 'That's done, now I think we need some more comrades.'

The five looked at each other, the pets awakened, and they left the room. Adventure lie ahead, hard fights, lots of laughter, hard descisions. But Gowron knew he felt alive again.

maandag 1 februari 2010

When Elekks Fly

Starting a raiding guild is a lot of work,


and, oh, it seemed the majority of the current members where not that happy with the name Shutout.

So, it is renamed to:


now to find more members, and slowly start raiding I suppose.

Oh, and the inevatible has happened again,

for the third time....