woensdag 19 mei 2010

Something different.

The void before a new expansion. It has happened in the past, and it will happen again. So what to do, continue with the reputation-hunts Gowron recently found himself one, but it is boring... Do more heroics, which I already can dream about... Get into a raiding-community... not again.

Last night I toon-hopped, bought a load of BoA-thingies, and according to the tab, Gowron gained about 200000 honor yesterday... yes, let's try something new, Player vs. Player.

Now, I did do some PvP on Gowron in TBC, mainly because the best Tankadin-weapons came from PvP (stamina/spellpower and crit-reducement through resilience). But I never liked it very much, especially because I was Prot-specced, and no dual-specs back then.

Yesterday, I respecced my ret-spec to a more PvP-orientated build, not quit right yet. Bought some 232,245,246-pvp stuff from the honor (and some triumphs), and did some random BG's.

I am sitting at around 420 resilience, which is just enough to not feel to squishy. Of course, against a full pvp-ed allie, I am toast, but I am managing.

Now of course, everybody says Ret-pvp is OP, well, it is, if I have all my cooldowns available. But the moment I just killed someone using my CD's, the next fight will be a lot harder, a lot, and probably a loss.

I did found out some nice tricks, I have three stuns/interrupts. The racial, the hammer, and the repentance. If all 3 are available, I can even take down a tree... if only 2 are up, tree lives.... sigh.

Well, let's see how long I can handle this, before I get crazy.

dinsdag 18 mei 2010

Hunter Up...

Be carefull...

look where you are going...

because in that shadow over there...

there could be lurkin'...


donderdag 13 mei 2010

Greetings from Thunderbluff

Me and my friend Steamy met this Paladin in Thunderbluff. We had some laughs, shared some stories, and some booze. I hope the bloke will not get too much grief from his 'better' half.

dinsdag 11 mei 2010

I have been around.

So, what was I doing, oh yeah:

It took me two days, and in contrary to the Eastern Kindoms, Kalimdor-quests are much harder to find and do in the end. Mostly because of the whole Silithus-scene (more on that later). But, if you look at the screenie, I got the achievement by turning in cloth.... If I would have known that earlier... oh well. So, next up was Northrend:

Not that much work. Apparantly I never did the Nexus- and DTK-quests.. and never been to Shozalar with Gowron. Most of the quests I had already done, and before I knew it... well actually, I did knew it was gonna happen...:

But when I got this, I still needed to Icecrown, where I got stuck on 138/140, with only one group-quest (one you can't solo due to cd's). So, I searched around, and I found that I needed to get a random drop, from a chest, which could only be opened when I was on a Daily... and it involves that Guy who always runs away before we kill him, Mal' Ganis. But, I found it...

So, I got a nice letter from Bloodhoof, a new title and a very ugly tabard, and some pictures.

The last one, is from one of the quests in Silithus when I was working toward Kalimdor. After I completed Loremaster today, I looked at my cenarion circle rep, and thought, what the.. So, of I was, collecting texts and cultist wardrobes. Killing some lesser elementals, and finally I had enough, to summon an old-school 40-man raid boss.

Yeah, well, raid-boss? Somewhere along the line they nerfed these. It had less health then me in my tanking gear. But, it actually dropped something nice, a purple shield. And after besting one of their biggest enemies, the druids of the Cenarion Circle/Expedition/whatever they will be called in cataclysm, bestowed me with a new title:

So, what now... maybe diplomat, or maybe I should do the AT-quests on Gowron... we'll see.

donderdag 6 mei 2010

About maps and a lot of quests.

I have this nice thing on the left, which says what my most-played chars are doing... not much levelling on Cymar that is. I just decided that it was time to get my explorer's badge. Most of the map was already visible, just some weird spots left. I already had the achievement for Outland, and with the fact that I levelled before faster levelling and heirlooms on Gowron, most of the map was already clear, only those last spots..

I first explored Kalimdor, then I went to Northrend to loosely fly around, and get a hideous looking tabard. After that it was Eastern Kingdoms time:

While I was flying all over the map, I was checking some other achievements. And because I was near, I also completed The Keymaster by dying in Blackrock. I also noted that I was ONE quest short in Zangarmarsh to complete Loremaster of Outland. And that this was probably so for the whole of WotLK. I quickly did an escort with a Tauren and got it... but then it started.... why not more....

Around 15 hours, and 100 quests later:

Most of the time, the quests I had where deliveries/report-quests. And hard to find sometimes. In most of the zones I only had a max of 5 quests to do, probably forgot them, or never encountered them 4 years ago. I did had all the quests to do in the Undead starter zone though. I also didn't do any of the Nesingwary quests in STV, another nice bunch. In Kargath I encountered a lot of undone quests, most of them in Blackrock. Also, all the quests leading up to the Thorium Brotherhood where nice. I had bever been in that cave before. And there was a long quest-chain, bringing me all over the world, regarding the dead hero of the horde on the border of Swamps of Sorrows and Blasted lands.

After the first leg, I had a lot of little quests to complete, and I did all the quests for, and in Blackrock Depths. Luckily I have a remote. I am also trying to get as much rep for the thorium brotherhood, BS and Enchanting recipes... and of course some screenshots:

A picture of the magnificient Horde Transportation System, while I was killing some cloaked Panthers.

This is the Altar of Storms (I think). This is the one you see if you travel from SW to IF with airtram. It's one of the things I always wanted to see, since I flew for the first time, 4 years ago, when my first character was a dwarf hunter. Took me a while...

Well, I was in BRD anyway... and this two-headed monstrosity dropped
some nice pants , yes, from the banana-shoulders-set.

...next up, Kalimdor-quests.

maandag 3 mei 2010

Warlocks don't need spirit noob...

After some shuffling, the following things happened:

Gowron looks like his picture on the right again.
Luaran is now an orc female again.
Cymara, my lvl60 human female warlock is gone, and is now a lvl62 orc male warlock.
and I started a priest.

Goal: get all classes to 80, before Cataclysm, that means:

9 more levels on my Deathknight
8 more levels on my Warrior
10 more levels on my Mage
18 more levels on my Warlock
78 more levels on my Priest

should be do-able... maybe.

...and in other news, the reason for the title.

Yesterday Cymar was doing some dungeons, and I got a first.

I got kicked.

The screenshot is from just after I got kicked.

From the first boss in Underbog, some cloth hands dropped, I needed and won. It had Intel/Spellpower/Hit/Red Gem/Yellow gem/Crit and SPIRIT

Clearly, bot the Shadowpriest and the Dorktank weren't that amused by it (same server, friends?). Warlocks don't need spirit, so give it to the priest. Now there are two things.

First it was over 10 spirit.... even if locks didn't need spirit, the rest of the stats are very good, combined with the gems.

Ok, I'd rather have more spellpower and hit. After that some haste, and as FOURTH best stat I'd choose Spirit...


Again two things:
-Fel Armor (self-buff) : 30% of your spirit becomes spellpower
-Glyph of Life Tap: 20% of your spirit becomes spellpower

So, take out your calculator, and find out that 2 spirit = 1 spellpower....

Right, locks don't need Spirit.
And do you really think using wtf and noob will make people more likely to hand over stuff...
Oh well, I was kicked before I could respond.
(and, yes, this time, name & shame applies here)

PS, the screenshot also shows that even very nice little blood elfs can get drunk....