woensdag 19 mei 2010

Something different.

The void before a new expansion. It has happened in the past, and it will happen again. So what to do, continue with the reputation-hunts Gowron recently found himself one, but it is boring... Do more heroics, which I already can dream about... Get into a raiding-community... not again.

Last night I toon-hopped, bought a load of BoA-thingies, and according to the tab, Gowron gained about 200000 honor yesterday... yes, let's try something new, Player vs. Player.

Now, I did do some PvP on Gowron in TBC, mainly because the best Tankadin-weapons came from PvP (stamina/spellpower and crit-reducement through resilience). But I never liked it very much, especially because I was Prot-specced, and no dual-specs back then.

Yesterday, I respecced my ret-spec to a more PvP-orientated build, not quit right yet. Bought some 232,245,246-pvp stuff from the honor (and some triumphs), and did some random BG's.

I am sitting at around 420 resilience, which is just enough to not feel to squishy. Of course, against a full pvp-ed allie, I am toast, but I am managing.

Now of course, everybody says Ret-pvp is OP, well, it is, if I have all my cooldowns available. But the moment I just killed someone using my CD's, the next fight will be a lot harder, a lot, and probably a loss.

I did found out some nice tricks, I have three stuns/interrupts. The racial, the hammer, and the repentance. If all 3 are available, I can even take down a tree... if only 2 are up, tree lives.... sigh.

Well, let's see how long I can handle this, before I get crazy.

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