maandag 7 juni 2010


Oh, 2 weeks no blog, mm, probably because the last week of the schoolyear are very busy. So, a little rundown of what I have been doing last two weeks.

First up, more rep-grinding...

Which also means I did the Mag'Har, and the tunnel-one, which gave me a nice speech from Thrall.

And I am also doing some other Outland-rep-grinds, which resulted in me getting a transformarion-trinket....

So... with all those exalted reputations, I visited some quartermasters, bought some mounts, and got a free drake.

And something else happened last night. I was present in a succesfull WG, and thought, why not. I joined a VOA25. After that, about 5 people wanted to do VOA10, including me. RL left because he already did it, and left me with the reigns.... So I raid-leaded again.. well, sort of. It's not that you really need a RL in VOA.

3 opmerkingen:

Unknown zei

Oh congratulations on The Diplomat - I know how hard that one is!

André zei

mm, hard is a strange word, time-consuming, except for the sporregar, 2-3 bloodfurnaces

Unknown zei

semantics ;)