woensdag 23 juni 2010

You no take Flame.

This Midsummer festival is a good thing to get your City Defender Achievement.

Last Monday, 4 members od SAN where just doing there usual thing, nothing. I got a little tired of all the local defense-spam. So I went to the Flame, and killed every alliance who was so stupid to actually attack NPC's. I was joined by Naofa's Tankadin, Steamynose and Wasmemon's Shammy. And it quickly turned into 'just kill all allies'.

I don't think the flame was stolen for three hours straight, and the bones kept piling up. We also had a good laugh about all the 'Elder Rise is under attack' messages. Apparantly a lot of Allies don't know their way around TB.

We also had a lot of allies that tried to escape by jumping of Spirit Rise, it's called Rise for a reason... a lot went splat below.

Most fun was yesterday. Steamy and me vs. 4-5 alliance that came with the zeppelin from Ogrimmar. We followed them on the boat, and had a Ship-fight, which we won. Outnumbered 2-1 and winning...

But I do have an apology, for the non-level-80's who where caught in the crossfire, or more likely in the 'Alliance-Kill'. And I am pretty sure I killed a former Guildmate from WEF, sorry for that... well, maybe...

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