donderdag 31 juli 2008

...players are spoiled.

I remember last september, I was in the guild retribution, and we sat forth for the Deadwind Pass (no portal to stonard yet). I went in as healadin on the first day, but the second day I was Tank, Uncrittable, Crushable for 6% (no libram yet) and sitting at 10.8k health and 190 speldamage. It took us about 8 tries in total to get Attuman down. In the coming weeks, we wiped 6 times on Moroes, 3 DAYS on Maiden, and had Romeo and Julia 2 weeks in a row....
But know I am a year later, taking 2 healers to kara is enough, and we oneshot the place, even if people aren´t focused..

The problem is, Players don´t know any longer what wiping and learning is. They grow bored, loose focus, etc.... As a Raidleader, I find it becoming difficult to do something about it, my first reaction would be, kick them, but alas, I want the raid to cobtinue.... people are just spoiled, and are expecting to roll thru the content..


sorry guys..


woensdag 30 juli 2008

No Focus

And here a picture of my two paladins:

On the right is Left, Retridin. Although I had her heal a lot the last few weeks to keep XII raiding, she remains a retridin, and yesterday she got her Blade of the Harbingers, next up, Angelista's Revenge.

On the Right, Gowron, Maintankadin. Although I havent been tanking much lately. Lots of the times we need Ezrila to heal, because of summer-healer-shortage. Gowron is now therat-specced, i.e. 0/40/21. I still dont know if it works, on karathress, I pulled the hunter with the Decapicitor, and before my consecration ticked, my mob was on being bombarded with spells...there goes the aggro... but I didn't saw you on omen, I heard...WTF, so if you dont see the tank on omen, just blast away??? FFS dont get on top then, stay below the top, BE NEVER ON TOP, how hard is that? Use /dance or something, but never, ever use that remark against a Tank. It really makes the idea of Dump People Shooting logical.

And on raiding, it seems harder and harder to keep people focused. They all just think that the early T5-bosses are easy, and yes, they are easy. Once you have downed a boss, it becomes easier and easier... but if you dont stay focused, you die.

As a Tank, I am always focused, If I screw up, 4/9/24 other people are in real deep shit...the times I caused a wipe, are not many, and mostly they where because I had to much coinfidence in the healer :p. I always now what is happening, I look around, see if everythings goes well... i.e. I am focused. I do have the feeling a lot of XII-members, some of the healers/dps sometimes look off, not looking around, staying in the red/green/yellow stuff, or sometimes not doing their assigned task..
Really, on one raid-night, you do 3-4 bosses, thast about 40 minutes, the rest you can relax a little, go afk during trash (although not all at once), but... on boss-fight...FOCUS, so we can actually kill karatressh, like we did before, one-shot, instead of wiping 5 times.

zondag 27 juli 2008

...and we grew tired of T5

Took us 4 tries, wel, the second one was to early with popping the shield, but try 1 (11%) and try 3 (4%) where very good.... so we finally got a new boss down.

zondag 13 juli 2008

XII cleared Onyxia's Lair :p

Well, there's a sudden rush for old instances apparantly,
I got attuned to the Core this week, and actually went in, only to find out, that you need a quest-line for the last two bosses :(

And ofcourse:

Another Guild-First.....

woensdag 9 juli 2008

Great Moments .... part deux

And back from vacation, to earlu to write over what happened in the guild, but I can continue this...

6.The first time I tanked Heroic Shattered Halls, I was asked by some players of BaT (at that moment guild#2) to tank H.ShatH... boy was I nervous :p. But we steamrolled thru the instance, had only one wipe. We at first ignored the side-packs, but 2 of us had the normal daily for them, apparantly they always failed to do them properly on heroic.... past tense :p

7.Getting the Commendation of Kael'Thas... I could of course put more gear up, but I am not that focused on loot, it will drop sometimes...I hope. But this one... it drops from H.MgT.... AND I HATE THAT PLACE :p. Everytime a guildie asks me to tank that, at least 3 other people instantly type, GL with getting Gowron in there... I was really happy to get that on my third run.. thinking... yes, no MgT anymore.

8.Playing with RL friends, Jorky, Kemwer and Morhen (the original :p), discussing things in the middle of the night. And Making new friends.. Sceptre,Nagkeen,Gullvi,Littlen,Warak,Egonspengler,Rasout/Eshmoun,Slimpimp,Placebo (the original),Hellcatherin,Pinkangel,Cochana to name but a few (I probably forgot enough :P)

9.Reaching 16k health, staying uncrushable and not using the Libram of Repentance. That's where I am now, I can even switch around some gear, because my Avoidance is around 110%. And with almost 55% pure avoidance... Gief the Betrayer :) the Future.