woensdag 9 juli 2008

Great Moments .... part deux

And back from vacation, to earlu to write over what happened in the guild, but I can continue this...

6.The first time I tanked Heroic Shattered Halls, I was asked by some players of BaT (at that moment guild#2) to tank H.ShatH... boy was I nervous :p. But we steamrolled thru the instance, had only one wipe. We at first ignored the side-packs, but 2 of us had the normal daily for them, apparantly they always failed to do them properly on heroic.... past tense :p

7.Getting the Commendation of Kael'Thas... I could of course put more gear up, but I am not that focused on loot, it will drop sometimes...I hope. But this one... it drops from H.MgT.... AND I HATE THAT PLACE :p. Everytime a guildie asks me to tank that, at least 3 other people instantly type, GL with getting Gowron in there... I was really happy to get that on my third run.. thinking... yes, no MgT anymore.

8.Playing with RL friends, Jorky, Kemwer and Morhen (the original :p), discussing things in the middle of the night. And Making new friends.. Sceptre,Nagkeen,Gullvi,Littlen,Warak,Egonspengler,Rasout/Eshmoun,Slimpimp,Placebo (the original),Hellcatherin,Pinkangel,Cochana to name but a few (I probably forgot enough :P)

9.Reaching 16k health, staying uncrushable and not using the Libram of Repentance. That's where I am now, I can even switch around some gear, because my Avoidance is around 110%. And with almost 55% pure avoidance... Gief the Betrayer :)

10....in the Future.

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