donderdag 31 juli 2008

...players are spoiled.

I remember last september, I was in the guild retribution, and we sat forth for the Deadwind Pass (no portal to stonard yet). I went in as healadin on the first day, but the second day I was Tank, Uncrittable, Crushable for 6% (no libram yet) and sitting at 10.8k health and 190 speldamage. It took us about 8 tries in total to get Attuman down. In the coming weeks, we wiped 6 times on Moroes, 3 DAYS on Maiden, and had Romeo and Julia 2 weeks in a row....
But know I am a year later, taking 2 healers to kara is enough, and we oneshot the place, even if people aren´t focused..

The problem is, Players don´t know any longer what wiping and learning is. They grow bored, loose focus, etc.... As a Raidleader, I find it becoming difficult to do something about it, my first reaction would be, kick them, but alas, I want the raid to cobtinue.... people are just spoiled, and are expecting to roll thru the content..


sorry guys..


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