vrijdag 1 augustus 2008


So, now about this spec, the threat-spec :p

First off, why would I spec like this.
Lately, with all the BoJ-rewards and ZA-stuff, I sometimes get the idea of holding back the dps (at least in the first few minutes of the fight). So Now I am trying out this 'Wordlie'-spec.

What did I diss...and why?
-Blessings of Kings
In Raids I can go without this, enough pallies around :P, and tbh, If I need this in 5-mans...the healers are slacking. I always use BoSanc in heroics these days for threat.
SO, less white hits, some more misses on Avengers Shield.. oh wait, see below. Was already one of the talents suited for replacing...
-Ardent Defender
Because I now have the 'Tankadin'-addon, I now knew how many times that saved me, around 10 times a week, and then I die anyhow... I can't remember that AD actually saved me from dead, only postponing it....
-Spell Warding
Oh, wait, I already took tha out for the PoJ-spec :p
This one had me scratching my head...but Seals arent that costly on mana I suppose, and T6 gives enough damage to refresh mana, although I will have problems with heroics... probably taking it back...
-Avengers Shield...
This is ofcourse the pinnacle-point of this spec... loosing Captain America's Shield. Why? Well... tbh, the only fight it is usefull on in T5, is Leotheras. I dont see another fight where it couldn't body/judgement-pull or use my decapitator. It will hurt a little in heroics... but I am Raid-specced... Of course, my starting aggro will be 600 lower.. but with this spec I will have that 600 back in 3 seconds I figure.

What did I gain...and why?
-3/5 Reckoning
Just search for the theorycraft... 3/5 is good enough, and will give me about 3% more threat.
-Imp. Blessing of Might
A Raid-buff, thinking about getting Benediction back... any melee-dps/hunter would love this, and it scales better everytime you cast it... we'll see
-Imp. Seal of the Crusader
3% more crit for the whole raid..... 'nuff said
3% more damage=3% more threat against almost all the mobs we are fighting now...
-Sanctity Auro
10% more holy damage= around 7% more threat

So...I am looking at a threat-increase of around 13%.....
Let's see if it works.

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