zaterdag 23 augustus 2008

For the new tankadins.

For all the wannabe-tankadin-alts in my guild,
some advice on talent points and gear.

Gear: get Stamina,Strength. Agility and Intellect are also nice. Spirit sucks. don't look to close to the armor-bonus, you probably have enough. There isný much speldamage-plate before Outlands.

So... you are level 10, and you decided to level as prot. Not the easiest choice, but probably the most fun. And you got a talent-point...what to do with it?
Well, you got 2 choices, Imp. Devo or Redoubt. TBH, both suck. The armor increase from Imp. Devo is very little, and redoubt is procced-base...but at least redoubt gives you acces to Shield Spec later on. so get that one.

Ooh, level 15, Tier2-talents... Precision,Guardians Favor or Toughness... GF is for healadins who want to do some PVP, skip it. Precision is for retridins, and for some lvl 70 Tankadins...which means: Toughness 5/5

Level 20...Get Blessings of Kings, with an increase to all stats, it means faster levelling and better survivability.

Level 21-26: Unless you are tanking a lot, take Shield Spec first, then take Imp Righteous Fury, bot are damage-reducers, and RF gives Threat.
But but..why not go Tier4-talents at lvl 25...because, quit franly all Tier4-talenst suck for tanking. They are more for PvP, and 41/20 Healadins.

Level 27-29: Put 3 points in Anticipation

Level 30-32:Aah... reckoning... this one rocks in levelling, put 3 points in it (5 is too much, trust me)

Level 33: Add one point to Anticipation, bringing it up to 4/5

Level 34: Blessing of Sanctuary sucks.. rather use Kings/Wisdom. But it gives acces to Holy Shield you have to take it.

aah, level 35-39... now it's time are you mostly soloing or doing instances... If you are soloing, take 1H-weapon spec 5/5, else, if you are tanking, dump 2 points in Sacred Duty, and 2 in 1H-weapon spec and max your anticipation. But for the good order, i am suggesting taking 1H-spec, you will be soloing most of the time.

Level 40 : Holy Shield... 'nuff said. If you cannot understand that... go roll a hunter, oh wait..most hunters have a paladin, and most paladins have a hunter :p.

Level 41-44: Max out Imp Holy Shield and Sacred Duty in any order (and 1 H weapons-spec, if you have chosen a little different route).

Level 45-49: Go for combat Expertise, more stamina, less misses on mobs...

Level 50. You have reached it...Captain America's Shield...Congratulations. Another 10...rrr 20...rrr 30 levels to go :p

All the points you know have should be in your talent tree as tank all the time... well, all but one. The Default 41 points you NEED in the protection tree dont include Blessings of Kings as raiding-Tankadin. Most (if not all) Healadins have that...So see that point in anticipation (which of course needs to be maxed out). be continued...

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