zaterdag 23 augustus 2008

For the new tankadins....part Deux.

...part two, go read part one first (below).

So, you rach level 51, what to do now... by now you have probably experienced the oom-problem... so your eyes look ath the holy tree, for some more Intellect, let's put 5 po...WAIT STOP. So you are experiencing mana-problems? DO YOU REALLY THINK 5% MORE INTELLECT WILL HELP YOU??? Look at your gear, you probably hardly have intellect on them. Now look at the holy tree again... and now forget it exists please...
Look at Benediction in the Retribytion Tree instead.. less mana for spells you are using a lot..from 51-55, put 5 points in there.

On level 56-57, put ONE point into Imp. Judgement. Two point is overdoing it. An max out Anticipation inthe Prot-tree.

Level 58 till 62, max out Deflection, repeat after me: Avoidance is GOOD.

So, know you have it, the talents which all tankadins seem to have, some variances happen after this. The following is a list of talents you can choose from:
Precision: Less misses, some more threat
Spell Warding: Damage-reduction from spels, not bad.
Ardent Defender: Life-saver, although in my experience its mostly a signal for an impending wipe.
Pursuit of Justice: Chance of damage-reduction, and increase in Speed. TBH, get Boars Speed if you think you are moving to slow :p

So, now you are ready at level 70, with a 0/50/11 build probably. This will get you thru all the heroics, T4 and early T5.

Oh, and once you hit level 58, clear all quests from your questlog and go to the outlands. Also, from this point one, ignore strength, focus on Stamina and Spelldamage. Dodge/Parry/Block rating/Defense/Block value are also good things.

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