woensdag 13 augustus 2008

T6-gloves...and no healers.

Well, after an epic fight we downed Az for the second time, and I am now the proud wearer of T6-gloves...
Azgalor really went for our healers, and our Holy Priest Lichi actually died 4 times during the succesfull bossfight :p. At the end, only 2 healers where standing, and I think I was also being healed by the elemental shammy and a shadowpriest :p.

we again have a healer shortage...
some late vacations,
and some slackers who just dont show up.

I think I have demoted 6-7 members last week because of low-availability,
and I think some will be kicked... to bad, it's mostly the healers (not all, but some) who keep 'dis-appearing'.

And Resto-shammies are a dying race :P

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