woensdag 30 juli 2008

No Focus

And here a picture of my two paladins:

On the right is Left, Retridin. Although I had her heal a lot the last few weeks to keep XII raiding, she remains a retridin, and yesterday she got her Blade of the Harbingers, next up, Angelista's Revenge.

On the Right, Gowron, Maintankadin. Although I havent been tanking much lately. Lots of the times we need Ezrila to heal, because of summer-healer-shortage. Gowron is now therat-specced, i.e. 0/40/21. I still dont know if it works, on karathress, I pulled the hunter with the Decapicitor, and before my consecration ticked, my mob was on being bombarded with spells...there goes the aggro... but I didn't saw you on omen, I heard...WTF, so if you dont see the tank on omen, just blast away??? FFS dont get on top then, stay below the top, BE NEVER ON TOP, how hard is that? Use /dance or something, but never, ever use that remark against a Tank. It really makes the idea of Dump People Shooting logical.

And on raiding, it seems harder and harder to keep people focused. They all just think that the early T5-bosses are easy, and yes, they are easy. Once you have downed a boss, it becomes easier and easier... but if you dont stay focused, you die.

As a Tank, I am always focused, If I screw up, 4/9/24 other people are in real deep shit...the times I caused a wipe, are not many, and mostly they where because I had to much coinfidence in the healer :p. I always now what is happening, I look around, see if everythings goes well... i.e. I am focused. I do have the feeling a lot of XII-members, some of the healers/dps sometimes look off, not looking around, staying in the red/green/yellow stuff, or sometimes not doing their assigned task..
Really, on one raid-night, you do 3-4 bosses, thast about 40 minutes, the rest you can relax a little, go afk during trash (although not all at once), but... on boss-fight...FOCUS, so we can actually kill karatressh, like we did before, one-shot, instead of wiping 5 times.

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