vrijdag 27 juni 2008

Great Moments .... part 1

So this will be a almost chronically things I greatly remember,
not that I am going away :P, but it's just time to do a list like this.

1. The Moment I went from trial to full version, It was also the moment I abonded my lvl29 Dwarf Hunter, and started a Belf paladin called Gowron, to see the new content. Trial version weren't supporting TBC, I remeber being teleported of the boot to the Draenai capital :p. Gowron took the professions Tailoring (GIEF BAGS) and Enchanting.

2. The Moment I met a Tauren Shaman called Sceptre in Hillsbrad, we played a lot, and he invited me into a guild called 'The Wanderers', where he was an officer.

3. The Moment I left 'The Wanderers'. At this point, both Sceptre and me were 10 levels ahead of almost everyone in the guild, and people were just not levelling.
Sceptre left, and I followed quickly. 1 hour later, 'Retribution' was born.

4. The Moment I became a level-70 Tankadin. I had been Protection from 10-68, but the guild needed a healer. But after the first kara-attempt, we lacked Tanks, so I dusted off my Tanking Gear (3/5 D3 at that moment), and started tanking... finally.

5. The Moments of Main-Tanking Guild-firsts. For 'Retribution' I have done this with Maiden of Virtue, Opera and Prince Malchezaar. For 'XII' I have done this with all of Kara, accidentally with Gruul (sorry Egon), Magtheridon, Lurker, Hydross, Leotheras, Alar, Void Reaver. And I would have done it with Rage, if I didn't d/c-ed during the last wave :p

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