donderdag 12 juni 2008

..the Pursuit of Justice.

3/5 reckoning doesn't work, period. In our attempts on Leotheras, it procced once/2 minutes.Too expensive.And yes, I know it shines in AoE-situations, but, even then, it only increases the threat on one target, not on all of them.

So what to do with the 3 points, put them back in spellwarding and ImpJudge?

Well, on our attempt on Leo, I noticed something else, speed does matter. He sometimes ww's out of your range, and then the speed-bosst comes in handy. Some speed-increase will also be handy on these weeks Alar-tries. And I have heard the rooms of Kael and Vashj are quit big...

And I am freaking slow, wearing plate, having at least 2 sets extra on me also doesn't help, a tank is a slow-moving heavy object. So, after some thoughts, I bought a Turbo.

Welcome to the new Gowron GTI

Pursuit of Justice
Increases speed with 15%
Increases chance to be missed by spells with 3%

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