donderdag 5 maart 2009



I completed Lower BlackRock Spire and Stratholme last night, especially Strat was fun. I was there twice before. Gowron was lvl63, and it was time to get my horse, so two members from Retribution helped me get the last part, Eagletwenty (Hunter) and Nagkeen (Rogue). I only saw a little bit of it back then, but Gowron would return, when he was 80, for the Lunar Festival.

This time it was on-level :p, a 60-warrior who only plays Vanilla, 2 other 57-druids, and a 56 Warlock. It was not easy, and sometimes we where overrun, and I was actually locked out of the Baron-attempt :(, but we did finish it. And I won 'The Key to the City' :)

So, I flew to the Dark Portal, and walked through...again. To my surprise, the demons on the other side of the portal are reaching the Portal these days, there where not enough defenders to hold them back... strange, or is this, together with the moonglade-shades, a message for the future?

Well, I set my HS in Honor Hold, walked a little around to get a feeling for the place (and find some trainers), and logged out. I do hope that I get a few more strat/scholo/lbrs runs in the next days, until I can start the Hellfire Peninsula-dungeons.

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