maandag 16 maart 2009


1 level/day for Mardah. I have been Tree all through outlands, mostly doing dungeons. I only did some of the starting quest in honorhold, the sporregar quests in zangar, about 5 cenarion expidition quest to get to honored with them, the Nessingwary-quests in Nagrand, and about 15 Kurenai-quest (again to get honored). The rest was dungeon-healing. Last night I got flight-form, i.e. level 68. I flew a little around in shat, levelled LW to 350 with all the leather I skinned (skinning is around Outlands), and went to Menethil Harbor. And I specced to Boomkin, if memories served me, Northren-dungeons don't give much XP, so more soling is needed.

So, new Hs set in Valgarde, and i di some quests. It didn't last long until I had the 2 quest for Utgarde Keep, so today I went into LFG...

I was invited, as Healer :p, to a run, a lvl 73 SP, a level 71 DK and a lvl 80 warrior where already in the group. Nice, I thought, lvl 80 tank, 20k hp, easy healing. Oh, he was Arms...or Fury-specced, at least not Prot. Big deal, I think he could dual-wield tank a level 70 instance. But he kept saying that he was DPs, and was probably a bad tank. My option was, just use Thunderclap, and we'll never get aggro from you probably.... his reaction was... I can't do that in Berserker Stance...

/rant on
FTLoG, you are going to tank, go to defensive, it's like a Blood-DK tanking with Frost Aura, or a Retribution Paladin using Righteous Fury.. You are a Hybrid, take advantage from that, and dont stay in a 'I am DPS, and i only do DPS'-mind set. I healed while cat-specced/moonkin, I tanked as Moonkin. in 2007 I also healed as Prot-spec Paladin in Hellfire Peninsula. If Hybrids dont go outside their roles sometimes, it will hold back parties, trying to find that healer or tank... after a little more talk, I came to the conclusion that it would be an epic fail to continue. If something would go wrong, the warrior would point to everyone (especially me as healer probably) that it went wrong, while never leaving berserker stance himself. /leave group
/rant off

And on Ghostlands, Gowron is Holy now..if he is not asked to tank sarth3D that is :p. Actaully, my first real raid-healing was last night. Malygos, and the last part of Naxx. I got a lot of drops, and need to figure out how to gear now. And I am really starting to like Holy Shock, at the end of the vening I think I used it every time it was off cooldown. I ended up doing 11.3% of the healing..with my sub-par gear...oh well, it is Naxx, XII is already farming that since decmber I think.

And Ulduar is coming, there are again a lot of changes for paladins... do we need to relearn our class every 4 months?? Now it seems Spiritual Attunement is going to be a Talent... oh well, not going to comment much about 3.1. It's still being tested.

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