zaterdag 8 oktober 2011

Rolling on.

Remember this one?

What is it with me getting back to sometimes long forgotten alts? Oh yeah, severe case of altism. Mariandel has had a rocky road. I don't even remember which server she started on, but I do know I sent her away to another server and brought her back. Last 6 months she was my AH-alt, but...well..brewfest happened.

So, after some runs to Coren, she had two trinkets and two beerkegs to hit stuff. And because she is also a skinner/enchanter, I went looking for dust/essences and shards, completing all zones in cata. With that combination of professions she is a very good supporting character for Mardah. And the fact that Mariandel is a mail-wearer, Mardah can do something back....

Talking about Mardah,

I had a very succesfull raid last thursday. I picked up a nice looking staff, got revered with the Avengers of Hyjal, and got my tier-pants. Although I forgot to bid on a necklace.... nature called, and I didn't noticed it in the loot, probably because it is not BiS, but alas, can't have it all.

After I got the staff, we had a break, and a quick trip to the reforger, almost reforging everything to haste, and my first 'free' enchant from the guild, I was a staff-wearer Tsj-kin. Innovation wiped two times on trash... the trash before Alysrazor, yeesh, large aggro-range on those. But we managed to do the first five bosses without much hassle.

With my new pants, I broke my T11-bonus. I don't know yet if that is a good thing, or that I should keep it. It would be much easier if I got my hands on one of these new LW-recipes, but the AD-AH doesn't seem to have them, and they didn't drop for Innovation yet. And no, I am not paying 24k for the ready-made things.

I had a little break from raiding last week due to work-stuff, but Innovation did down Majordomo, and killed ragnaros on ten. So if I get to raid Sunday and Tuesday, I'll probably also see their deaths.

Oh, and let me just hit a little remark on the new patch... A lot of quests in Outlands will now be available inside the dungeon..thank god. I really was getting bored flying all over the place to get those. Now I only hope that they are going to do something about the escort-quests still present in some dungeons. It is frustrating to follow Thrall, while you are not on the quest, because someone was selfish.....

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