dinsdag 14 april 2009

It's Coming

So, tomorrow Ulduar comes, no more naxx...

I will not miss naxx, we have farmed it clear, to the point that we even had alt-25-man-raids in there. I hope Ulduar gives us a larger challenge, wiping for days on bosses seems a good idea at this point.

Tomorrow, I will dual-spec Prot/Holy. I do this for several reasons. The first is that I am Tank@Heart, so that will be my mainspec again. I hardly solo with Gowron, so I don't need a solo-spec like retri. Going Holy as second spec will give our guild an extra healer if to many can't come. And I didn't dislike healing, it's just a different game.

Considering alt-raids, Miriani now has some naxx-gear... LOL.

I also started, yet, another alts. I almost didn't play with Mardah my Nelf druid on Khadgar last month, she's more an esape I think. But I did like playing druid. So I created a Tauren one on Ghostlands, he is now lvl26, herbalism/inscription.

It's very logical to do this, I know have a 80-BS/Enc, an 80-mining/JC, a 70 tailor/alchemy, a 65-LW/skinning, so a herb/inscriptor is what I missed to be self-relient :p

And leveling goes very fast, with the reduced XP needed, and the heirloom-shoulders (I now have the leather-melee and the cloth-caster ones, so I am set).

Now, onto Ulduar

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