dinsdag 17 november 2009

Star Trek Online

Let me tell you a little secret, or why I started playing World of Warcraft.

In the beginning of 2007 I was heavily into trek, games/books/tv/films/whatever. And I stumbled across the fact that their would be a new game, Star Trek Online.

Now I was/am a big fan of ST:Birth of the Federation, and ST:Aramada was also on my most-played-list (next to Civ3 and Civ4). But this was something different, ST:Online would be a MMO(RPG). Now, I had not much experience with eiether an MMO or an RPG.

Well, I did play a little MMO with one ST game, I don't recall the name now, but it was set in the Original Series Setting, and it was hosted by Sulu, Academy?? I did not really liked it, the game was to clunky, and it came down on just flying mindless around... porbaly I did something wrong :p

RPG was completely out of my reach. I did try some early RPG games. But at that time I didn't get the whole gearing and stat-things that went with that kinda games.

But now there would be a Star Trek MMO/RPG. And the ideas looked really nice, but as I said, no idea how it would play. Now I have a friend who knew a lot more about RPG's. He was at that time playing World of Warcraft. I saw him play the games several times. I remember seeing him play a Dwarf in the starting area, and later a female Tauren Warrior, in what I later learned Shadowfang Keep.

So, to get an idea of those kinds of game, I downloaded the trial version of WoW in februar 2007. Just to look how it played, I had a week vacation, but I didn't think it would keep me away from CiV4.... O_o

My first character was a dwarf hunter called Mendak. No idea what I was doing, but I did get some of the points. Not that I knew that I needed Agility or Attack Power, but I did manage really well... so after 5 days I had a lvl29 hunter... and didn't play CiV4.... bought the full version, incl. TBC and started a Blood elf paladin called Gowron (yes, both names are from Star Trek).

Now, I am still on the ST:O mailing list, and I received an interesting message...

Star Trek: Online will be available for retail on the 2nd of februar 2010

So after 3 years the game will finally be released (look it up why it took so long). I wonder if it can actually draw me away from WoW.

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