zondag 4 mei 2008

Crusader Strike FTW

Due to fortunate circumstances, I got myself a 1800 AP Retridin.
30% crit, almost epic-ed out, with a lot of S3-gear (which is better then most T5-stuff).

And I like it, I am hitting 600+ dps in Karazhan,
I give 2% more damage to the group,
3% more crit to the raid,
and judgement-refreshments.

Being Able to whack at mobs with Stormherald, is fun, especially because I never played a melee-dps before. I actually installed a swing timer to look at when to judge/crusader strike.
And I went with her to heroic BF, and the SoB-Libram dropped, hurray.

Gowron Finally got Exalted with SSO this week, getting 2 new shields, finally un-equipping The Chest of Sha'Tar for the first time since october. Still no trinket though.
And my guild XII, just expanded with 15 new, good-geared people. We have planned 25-man raids for the whole month of may. It will be a busy month.

And I have pulled Lurge out of XII, putting him into a bank-guild. He is now master transmuter, and every day he transmutes something. I still like playing with the frost-mage, but three lvl70 characters... lol, gief more hours in a d ay :p

Now, tonight is TK-time, I hope we get VR down. I will start the fight with full spelldamage-gear, rocking around 600 I suppose, and hopefully keep aggro till around 10% :p

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