vrijdag 9 mei 2008

A nice week,

It has been a nice week.

Monday,XII killed Gruul for the first time, and I accidentaly got aggro, and didn't lost it until I died at 10%. I think some of the Healers didn't saw that I had aggro.

I also got the Bulwark of the Amani Empire on a quick ZA-run

Tuesday we went to Void Reaver, and I hold aggro till around 40%, Too bad we wiped at 8%,but we will get him.

Wednesday the guild went to SSC-Lurker, and I put myself out of the raid. They still needed me, and I OT one of the adds. Lurker down again.

Thursday we went to Maghteridon, and being a progression-run I MT-ed Maggie. Nice Head on the pole in Thrallmar. That's 2 Guild-First this week :p

Friday we are going to MH.... well, guess where I am hoping for :p

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