zaterdag 26 april 2008

Stop Firing

This is a copy from the XII-site

--Dark Helmet

If the Healer dies, it's the tanks fault,
if the Tank dies, it's the healers fault.
if the DPS dies, well...

Something strange happened last night, Curator was pulled of me. I was not happy with smokee at that moment, but looking back, what happened is logical.
You see, I have been in this fight multiple times now, and because dps needs to kill the flares first, I could always steadily build up threat without going full. In the past that meant that the DPS couldn't actually fire a shot at Curator outside the last 6 seconds from Evocation. So thread was really never a problem. But as I said, last night, Curator was pulled of me, and looking back, I think the flares were killed that quickly that DPS was actually able to fire 1 or 2 shots at Curator between flares. So I am partly to blame for loosing aggro, and next time, I will tank him in my (uncrittable) SpellDamage-gear. And probably using One complete Mana-Injector/Kara-run.

There is off course no excuse, DPS should never draw aggro of the tank, period. Invisibility/Shatter/Feign Death/etc. should be used as often as possible (especially if we are going for Void Reaver). Do not wait until you get aggro, because then you are to late, just use it every time the CD is over.

Now what happens if you do draw aggro, well, the mob turns away from the Tank, and comes running to you. So you use your IB/FD to get the mob of you. The Mob, out of melee-range of the tank, will, mostly go to number three on the aggro-list, and he one-shots a healer....he, wait...if the healer dies....

But luckily your Tank gets aggro back in time, by charging the mob...charging??? where is that in my spellbook??? I am a tankadin, I generate aggro, because I am being hit (reflective damage). That's why I generate a high TPS on fast-hitting mobs (Romeo/Prince). But if the Mob is not hitting me... no TPS. I also have a strange 'Taunt'. It has a 30-yard range, but it has a CD of 15 seconds, and it actually targets the player instead of the mob, pulling up to three mobs from target player.

So, now what actually happens when you draw aggro from a Tankadin. So everyone is firing away at the Boss, and Smokee (sorry to use you crit-master :p), has 4 crits in a row, and aggro is on him. The boss turns away from Gowron, and goes to Smokee. The rest of the Group just keeps firing away at the Boss. Smokee thinks "SHIT" and hits IB, while Gowron at the same time uses his Taunt. The problem is that the Boss is now out of melee-range of Gowron, and the rest of the Raid is still firing away, building threat on the Boss, while Gowron isn't being hit, and is TPS is almost zero at that moment.... so someone (mostly hunters) get aggro, Gowron is swearing because his taunt is on CD, the hunter uses FD, and mob goes to the next on the aggro will take another 10 seconds before Gowron gets aggro back...a lot can happen in 10 seconds...

So, if the boss gets loose from the Tank (also partly applies to Druids/Warriors):

And not actually applying to the guild-members, but most PuG-DPS I tanked for have damage meters and an aggro-meter. And IMHO they tend to look only to the DPS-meters :P and they always spam it when they are on top...
So, in my last Heroic SP-run, it was amusing that only one DPS-chart was printed in /p. I did it, at the end of the run....which I did do in Spelldamage-Gear, and I was 6% ahead in Damage over #2. LOL

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