maandag 21 april 2008

The Lurker Below

Oh my, the BoJ-vendor opened, everyone waiting for that last one percent, on top of the questgiver, so no one could actually click him :p

So I got my new trousers, and my new ring, I am full epic now. After regemming I found out that I lost another 70 health. But I gained 3% dodge and 10% Block Value (regemming Meta), looks like a good trade-off, although that 15k is tempting.

So after everybody in the guild got their new gear, we wanted it to try out of course. So on to Maghteridon, problem, only 2 locks. Well, lets try Void Reaver then. So XII went to Tempest Keep, and found out that the raid-instance was down :P
After some talking, and finding out which raid was open, we opted to visit Lurker. The Trash was nice there, dropped two epics, one was the Spyglass, which went to Annya, the other Tankadin.
We had some good tries on him, and brought him to 53%. The last try even went better, but alas, the Fish respawned.

I found out that actually tanking Lurker IN the water is better, 250dps from water is nothing. And the mobs that spawn in between are excellent to get mana back (SoW/JoW). We also had more people online than needed for the raid, so we can actually pick players, so, Lurker is going down.

Now, lets find out how to place pictures here :p

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