zaterdag 26 april 2008


This is a copy from the XII-website

So how do we tank?
..or, using CC.

Simple rule with a tankadin, only CC the mobs that are marked to be cc-ed, if there are 3 mobs, and I moon one of them, I WANT 2 mobs on me, if 2 are cc-ed, I will try to break one of the cc, with the added danger that I probably break 2.


A tankadin generates threat by being hit, we are a little masochistic :), hit me baby one more time... every time a mob hits me, he gest angrier at me :) Well, thats not an excuse to break a cc you think, let one mob hit you, and then the next... There's also the matter of mana, it doesn't matter for me if I tank one mob, or 27, I will use the same amount of mana.

So back to the 3 mobs above.
If only one gets sheeped, I use around 2500 mana on the first two, and 2500 mana on the last.
If two got sheeped, I use 3 times 2500 mana... which is akward, because I only have around 5200 mana...

Then there's also Spirital Attunement, which gives me 10% mana of the amount I am being healed (6k-critheal=600mana), so when more mobs are hitting me, I get more heals, and I get more mana. The trick for a tankadin is to find the balance, because the heals still need you to keep alive :)

Golden Rule:
Rather have one mor mob hitting you, then loosing aggro:
I will break sheep/sap/seduce/trap/whatever if that is placed in my CC-range, where CC mean CONTINUOUS CONSECRATION.
...and if a non-healer happens to get aggro, while the mob isn't in my CC-range, well, then they should tank it, they should have watched what I am tanking. (that also counts for rogues who stun-lock mobs before they get to me, have fun with them, I pick them up, when your leather is all bloody)

oh, and tanking 27 mobs is something I do as grinding :)

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