maandag 21 april 2008

Really need to use this.

I really need to use this, so 2 months later lets really start :p

In the mean time, XII, with me as one of the Main Tanks, has HKM on farm (sort of), having trouble at Prince again (no safe spots), problems with Gruul (to many melee), and has wiped on Maghteridon,Void Reaver and Lurker Below. We are also 4/6 in ZA, having released two hostages.

XII will get one of those in the very near future, no doubt about it. The new Badge Vendor will open up this week on Ghostlands, and I have 199 BoJ's now. So I will get new pants (the Aldor-ones) and the Tank-ring. The tank Ring will make Gowron fully epic, finally.

With a little regemming, I may be able to get over 15k health (sitting at 14997 now), and stop using the Libram of Repetenance. My estimate dodge will be 25% then, and my threat will get better with the SoR-badge. Which is good, because XII has some crit-happy mages.

The last few weeks, I also have been looking at a spec I am absolutely not familiair with, Retribution. I have been collecting some retri-gear, and I think I can come to 1600AP/23%crit/7hit if I should respec. which I will do for a week, just for fun :P
I have 2 weeks vacation coming up, so I am gonna farm retri-specced with Gowron, and also hoping on some instances, to see if retri really works. Hey, as Pala-Class-Leader, I should now :p
On the other hand, I really should get that Trinket from MagT, maybe Egon can take a Ret-Pally along :p

nah, I will at least try it out, now... GIEF GOREHOWL :p

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