donderdag 8 juli 2010


Just before the whole RealID blew up, I again read some posts on Inscription. There seems to be ab oppurtunity there to make a lot of gold. Well, why?

I maybe buy 15 glyphs per char, and keep them a long time. I see no reason at this moment to replace my DP,Sense Undead and taunt-glyphs. And most of the glyphs are only 10g max. That's ONE daily, which is a lot faster then logging on my inscriber, finding the flowers on the AH, smashing them to pulp, making ink, making glyph. Of all my characters who make stuff, my inscriber is only good for making armor/weapon-glyphs, which I have a lot of at this moment. More then enough to make all the enchants I want on all my alts.

Now, maybe if I was a progression-tank, I may carry around a lot of glyphs to switch around. But how many hardcore-guilds will enforce that rule? And how many HC-guilds are there on your server? 4? 5? Off which 70% probably don't need to switch around.

I just don't see why the glyph-business can make that much gold?

Oh, and yes, I am interested in the new talent trees, gief more info on the talents. But paladins probably have to wait till last....

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