vrijdag 18 december 2009

To disenchant or not to disenchant.

Disenchanting stuff, this has always been a strange point for me. Gowron (my Tankadin on vacation) always had enchanting as profession. And I always resented the general rule a bit that I should d/e unusable drops for everyone to roll on. Why? Because I needed lot of that stuff just to level enchanting, when I reached the limit, that feeling stopped, but before that, I didn't like it. And during Wrath I actually did not come forth as enchanter. Too much hassle.

Now the new LFG and loot system lets everyone disenchant stuff if an enchanter is present. At first this looks good, but there is a little problem. Mardah, my Tree, likes spellpower, haste and spirit. There are some nice upgrades for her in the new dungeons, but they are cloth, not leather. And a Druid can't roll on cloth. Luckily I have only been to one new dungeon with an enchanter present, so I only had to see 2 pieces of cloth d/e-ed, which where an upgrade for me, booth the same item (shoulders iirc).

The problem is that my needing a piece of gear of not the right armor type is equal to someones shard-roll, which seems completely wrong. And trees aren't the only one with that problem. Does it really matter how much armor you have as DPS? It's all about the stats, baby...

There's a discussion going on, on worldofwarcraft.com (american wow) about this, actually, not a discussion, just a general consencus that: Yes, the system is nice. Yes, it works. No, we don't like it how it works, fix it please so you can roll on lower armor-types.

Well, I have been lucky sofar, a leather chest, leather gloves, cloth feet, cloth bracers, an off-hand and ofc the Battered Hilt.

Oh, and healing the Halls of Reflection is a lot harder then other heroics. I did HoR last night, followed by VH... I almost fell asleep in VH :p

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