donderdag 17 december 2009

...and one week in.

...about LFG's,three-somes, and an epic questline.

Well, the new LFG system is nice, get some nice drops which you can wear... not neccesary use. My lvl31 Lock had 4 necklaces in a row: ...of the Soldier, ...of he Monkey, ...of the Defender or something) and ...of the Sorcerer. So you may not always get what you want. We also found out that the reward that you get in OL-dungeons is a little bit on the low Ilvl-side, like 64 orso, while the greens that are dropping are 80+, so mostly vendor-stuff. But my lvl74 retridin went into one, and got 2 emblems of triumph, so you can get start farming those early.

Sofar I had only one time that I ditched a group, in the Occulus. I joined just before the 3rd boss, which went down, somewhat hard (hunter not hiding, tank going the wrong way). But when they all started to question my use of the Green Drake, while they where flying all over the place, and not getting out of bubbles... /leave.

The best PuG sofar (sorta) was below, with 2 people who also joined as group, from Argent Dawn.

It was a nice clean run, with fast pulls... I wonder how many Puggers now had an Heartattack with us, before seeing... Oh, this is gonna be fun :p.

We really did a speed-run at the beginning of the week, resulting in:

We quickly where in ramparts, where we, mostly in BRD-gear, found out that we may needed some more stuff. Much more difficult... until we reached lvl60, with all our new spells... so we are storming again.

And now a nice picture:

What is my druid Mardah doing in the Sunwell?
Well, she got a drop on her first heroic Pits of Saron, something called a Battered Hilt. The Questline takes you through several dungeons, and towards the Isle of Ganking. You have to dip your tempered Quel-something in the Sunwell.

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