woensdag 23 december 2009

The not-so-good-puggers.

This one goes out to:

The Retridin who doesn't buff the other DPS
The DorK-tank who doesn't notice he let his healer die, and continues pulling.
The DPS in 'uber'-gear, who want to go faster and pull before the tank.

but mostly to:

The multitude of melee who stand in front of the boss, eating cleaves,pounds, etcetera. But especially whirlwind, which is very, very bad for melee, and then complain that they aren't battle-rezzed, why should I? 90% of the time I BR a fallen melee for something like this, they die the next time... /sigh

Oh, and I heard a nice rule. One of the realms in our BG (don't remember which) apparantly has the rule, that if you die for the second time due to stupidity, walk back, expect no rez (I was boomkinning when I witnessed this).

And Mardah is done with pre-frost emblems, there are some upgrades left in PoS and HoR (cloth belt, leather wrist, trinket), but the rest is from frost-emblem, which I dont get a lot off, because I don't raid. So what now?

Argent Dawn roll-call:

Ezrila, 75, retribution paladin, Skinning/Herbalism
Mardah, 80, restoration/balance druid, Skinning/Leatherworking
Kyari, 73? protection paladin, Herbalism/Inscription
Lamars, 80, subtlety/combat rogue, Mining/Engineering
Luaran, 80, beastmaster/survival hunter, Mining/Jewelcrafting
Mariandel, 70, enhancement shaman, Skinning/Enchanting
Whiteheart, 65, protection warrior, Herbalism/Alchemy (restricted access due to group-levelling)
Cymara, 31, demonology warlock, Mining/Tailoring
Yorille, 5, warrior

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