woensdag 14 januari 2009

Malygos and PuG's

Well, 4 evenings gone on wiping on Malygos, finally something is a challenge in Wrath. XII is getting is sometimes having trouble in phase1, phase2 is easy, and the last try last night was actually a very good one, evryone was flying with each other for at least 3 times, now 3 times more and he is down.

THe fun part is ofcourse that people were giving my pointers how to tank :p. If I die after a vortex because I am out of reach of healers, then I know what to do next time. And I am moving the dragon, he is just damn big, and moves very slowly...

But I think Malygos will go down this raid-week. Enough members have been on the progression-raids, so at least 80% of our raiders now what to do. 1-1-wait till 85-2-1-1-wait till 85-2-rince and repeat :p

My druid has reached lvl29 in the mean-time, and had some experiences with PuG's. Why is it that people forget the normal instance-rules they learned at 60/70/80 everytime they are in a low-level-PuG. I healed a BFD, and everyone was pulling aggro, which is hard to heal, because low-level-druids have no mana-regen at all.

I know there's a feeling of 'this is easy'. But trust me, if you walk one step slower, you'll have less wipes, and it will be faster in the end. I am actually looking in the resto-tree atm, especially at the early talents which increase dps. But before I respec, I need to get 30g for my mount :p

Oh, and I joined a guild with my druid, a levelling guild. The benefits are nice, I can repair up to 3 gold a day from the guildbank, and tab1 is accessible for everyone. They seem to be nice people, so I think I'll be hanging around with them.


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