maandag 5 januari 2009

Goodbye Ezrila, and some rants.

It has been fun

Well, I always knew I was just safekeeping her, and I did have fun with her. But I didn't updated my other account to Wrath, because I wasn't sure what to do with her. She was Blacksmith, which Gowron also is, and Alchemist, which Lurge, and my brothers character also is. I didn't want to change professions, because I felt, I was safekeeping her.

Thank you for the oppertunity old friend, to play a Paladin Healer in Tier6-content, and to make XII see that Retridins where raid-worthy. I made some 'raiding'-dps cry on some runs in Zul'Aman :p. But yesterday I got an ingame mail, she liked to have her pally back, and because I already didn't know what to do with it, that descision was quikly made.

By Ezrila, it has been good, and welcome back Gullvi. Thanks for the months palying her, and you'll have fun with her again, and I hope we can play a lot again, just like in the old days.

Good manners

I now have several dungeon-quests in my log on my lvl75-hunter, so I just put myself into the LFG, but I m gonna dislike you right away, if you, without asking, just pop up a 'X invites you to a group' in my screen. I always ask first if they want to join, maybe their time left is short, or they are almost in another group. But mostly becasue it's polite.

Those popping boxes in my screen, get normally a NO, even if it's from Guildies. Really, just saying DPS is easy to find, well, let me tell you, don't try to ask me to tank for you when you reach 80 then. The moment you use the 'invite to group'-button, without asking, you are put on my 'rude'-list. Where are your freaking manners.

Getting bored

At this moment, WoW is getting boring, apart from one Dragon (and I dislike 1-boss-dungeons), XII has cleared it all. There's nothing to look forward to. Essentially that means we probably have an ALT-Naxx25-run very shortly. Most members are leveling alts now, just because Heroics only give off-spec-gear, and emblems for off-spec gear...

Part of the problem is that Naxx is just too easy, I can understand that Blizzard didn't want to make another Karazhan, but this is just plain stupid and boring. And remember that for Kara, you used to do a questline involving some 'hard' heroics in TBC, which required you to be revered with a faction, so you probably were geared enough to start wiping on Attumen. Now freshly-dinged 80's can join, and we still steam-roll the place. I miss the challenge.

Let's hope Ulduar is a lot harder, and gives us more learning-wipes. There is no feeling like downing a new boss, after 2-3 hours of wiping, or even 2-3 weeks. The only boss which gave me that feeling in wrath, is sartahrion with one drake up. We needed to wipe about 6 times...not that much, but still. And Malygos, when we finally going to start that, will probably also take a day. Just barely enough...

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