maandag 19 januari 2009

[Accepted] Gowron - Protection Paladin

Oh-oh, for the very first time, I am on Trial. I have been officer the last 20 months, and have never been on trial. I always was the one who decided about initiates. So, at least I know what they expect from me :p

So after leaving XII, I had three choices.
-Go join a lesser progressed guild and help them progress. But somehow that was not something I wanted to do again.
-Stop playing Horde, and play my NELF Druid. This was actually what I thought that would happen, because I didn't think option 3 would be succesfull.
-Joining Blood and Tears, Horde Guild #1 on Ghostlands. Problem was, they weren't recruiting tankadins, actually, they didn't recruited tankadins for the last year.

So, saturday-morning, I sat down, and wrote an application to BaT, you can read that here. It took me around two hours to write.. and tomorrow I read the answer.

So, I am on Trial, and not seeing /o. I think I just entered a new game :p

Oh, and BaT killed Sartharion 3D last night. Good Job guys...and indeed, gief Ulduar.

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