donderdag 8 januari 2009

Druid-Class Quests

Druid-class-quests, yeesh, these take long. I skipped the lvl-14-quest for Cure Poison, so I could do it at the same time as the lvl-16-quest for Aquatic Form. Really, for aquatic you need to go to darkshore and westfall for some pendant-halves, and for the cure, you need to be in darkshore. First fill a vial, then get some plants, including 5 earthroot which I had to buy on the AH. And then you'll run around for 20 minutes trying to find sick beasts to cure.

It took me about an hour to get those 2 quests done.../sigh. Oh, and levelling a druid is not really fast. Day2 got me from 12 till 14.1, and day3 ended with me being 17.6, where all three nights I played about 4 hours. Well, I heard it will get faster if you get Cat-form at lvl20. I also have my first dungeon-quests, into the Deadmines...ohoh, now to find a low-level-PuG...that will be something :p

And one more thing, my bags are already flooding with different gear :p, som gear with more stamina if I need to tank, and some gear with more intellect if I need to heal. Very amusing are the agi/intel-stuff, needed for both dps and healing...

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