dinsdag 20 januari 2009

First BaT-raid

Last night I had my first BaT-raid, because BaT already clears all 25-mans before monday, monday and tueasday are 10-man-raids. I am assigned to group 2, but both groups are equal, and there seems to be a healthy competition with the 2 groups.

We didn't reach Kel'thuzad last night, sapphiron went down at 6 minutes past 23.00, so some people had to leave. We had 2 or 3 wipes, on trash :p. Actually not that strange. I was assigned Maintank, and Powerr (who apparantly has lesser gear) was assigned OT. We are both new to BaT, although Powerr already was in BaT before on a hunter I think.

But let's look at me, in XII, I knew the people behind me, and knew what they where going to do 99% of the time. In BaT, I just have to guess at the moment, and hope for the best. That needs to grow. Could the wipes last night be circumvented, maybe, I know where some hard points are now (they are on different places then in XII), so next time I'll be more carefull there. And then we can clear Naxx10 in three hours.

I was the first to die last night, on Faerlina, apparantly I got an unlucky string of hits, taking me form full health to zero within a second, I need to reinstall grim-reaper again, so I can follow that for myself.

And it seems I have a little problem at Thaddius, the same thing happened last night that happened with my last raid in XII. The moment multiple people are jumping down at the same time as me, I seem to get a little lag-spike. I know I hit the spacebar at the right time, but nothing happened...last week I had to retry 3 times, last night I just waited till my fellow miss-jumper was gone, and jumped alone, no problem.

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