maandag 12 januari 2009

Full T7 and catform

LAst Friday, we again had to few sign ins for the raid, so Malygos was not possible. However, we had 20 people online, who actually could do the 'fewer than 21' achievement on Sapphiron. The quick kill gave me my last T7-piece, the hands. I know have 4 T7.5 pieces, and only the shoulders are from normal. I couldn't raid this weekend due to normal circumstances, so I'll see what happens tonight.

I did play during day-times with my Nelf Druid. She finally got cat-form, and she went Deadmines, well, we downed a boss, but quickly after that the new leader of the group (after a DC), kicked everyone..I tanked this run, but oh-boy, considering that most of those guys where twinks, they should know something about aggro...NOT. At least I got a nice stamina-hammer :p

An hour later, and a level higher, I was again in DM, this time spamming heals. And indeed, I had four tanks it seems, and mana-problems. But this run went to the end, and I got the Deadmines-achievement. I laso won a greed-roll on an Agility-polearm..didn't polearms became available for druids in the next patch?

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