woensdag 7 januari 2009

Cooling Down

You have some of those weeks, where you just need to cooldown. Monday I got pretty pissed off with XII, we had a learning night planned on Malygos, and people didn't sign in, afraid of wiping? I don't know, but I was not happy and wrote a post on the forum venting my anger.

Looking back at some older posts from me (mainly the bulletins I write), it wasn't the first time I did that, it seems to be a recurring happening. So it will pass I hope. But I didn't log in to Gowron, and I am not planning to do that today or tomorrow. I'll miss the Naxx-runs, but other tanks can handle that I guess.

So what did I do, well, I logged into the server Khadgar. On Khadgar I have a lot of toons, all female, all alliance. Two years ago I played some levels with draenau there, to see their starting zone. I have a level 31 mage and a lvl 21 shaman there, and a lot of below-10 characters. So after looking at all the characters, I logged in on a lvl 3 NELF Druid, and started levelling.

Druids below 10 don't do that much, only spamming wrath with sometimes a starfire. But at level 10 comes your first reward... BEAR FORM. After 3 hours playing, I was running around with a level 12 Bear. Really relaxing. Because there where almost no other toons around, questing was fairly easy, although a lot of walking around darnassus. I will se how far I get the next 2 days, maybe I'll even become a Cat :p. And I have company of a Gnome Rogue :p

I now have 3 talent points, which I have put into that rage-reducing feral-talent (feral is best for levelling I have been told). No idea if that's the right place for it, but who cares, Entangle-Starfire-Wrath-Wrath-Bearform-Maul-dead mob... next.

(ps, starfire can also be moonfire, have to remember more spells now :p)

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