woensdag 31 december 2008

Talent Tree: Retribution and Holy

I am not going into much detail on those two. In XII, I made the rule that Retribution Paladins should have Imp. Blessing of Kings and Imp. Blessing of Might, and that Holy Paladins should have Imp. Blessing of Might and Imp. Blessing of Wisdom. Tankadins should have Imp. Blessing of Kings and Blessing of Sanctuary of course. This gives every Paladin 2 blessings to cast, which increases uitlity, and doesn't gimp their talents they need.

My recommended talent-tree for retribution is: Retribution-talents
This tree gives you all the neccessary things for PVE. The other talents are all PvP talents, because they either don't work on Raid-bosses, or are affecting spells directly targetting you, which normally shouldn't happen. You got 2 points left, which you may put anywhere.

My recommended talent-tree for holy is: Holy-talents
This tree gives you a lot of extra crits, and all the tools you need. Because you want to be in Holy-shock range, I find Aura Mastery less important these days. And because push-back on spells is not really important anymore, Imp. Concentration Aura is also not that important. Imp. Lay of Hands can now be used around every boss-fight, so this is your OH-SHIT-button.
You got 2 more points to spend, I suggest putting them in Pursuit of Justice, getting out of the fire faster, means you can start casting earlier, and with all the large rooms, it's not that bad.

Any Questions/Suggestions? Just ask them :p

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