zaterdag 27 december 2008

Attumen the (no) Horseman

After reading something on maintankadin, I went to the place I have spend so many hours, Karazhan.

I stepped in, and it was empty (not surprising, because the other raidmember was my alt who was offline :p). I though back to around 14 months ago. Retribution had barely enough members to actually start 10-man raiding, and a new mage just joined the guild, who already had some experience there, we wiped once on the mobs towards Attumen. I was actually healing that day, and a warrior (ashnak) and a PuG-druid (poom) where tanking. So Ashnak pulled, and then we found out that we where to slow, some of the horses respawned, and joined the fight... oops.

Today it took me 15 minutes to get thru the trash, alone.

So we had several more tries, but he did went down that night, it was a tuesday. Next day (after the reset), we went in again, this time with me tanking together with a protection-warrior (also Pugged). I remember being nervous :p, but we one-shotted attumen, and only needed four tries on Moroes, where my faithfull pocketwatch dropped.

The memories of Karazhan are endless, I have been there a lot, up until XII was becoming a 25-man-guild.

The animal bosses...mmm, ok, lets forget about them :p

Maiden, which I have allways MT-ed, because my dps sucked, and they said that tankadins couldn't tank it :p. Where Retribution wiped for four days, we aptly named her THE Bitch.

Opera, the countless times we had to kill Romeo and Julliet 4 times each, laughing because people couldn't run, nd the complete mayhem at Oz.

Curator, the first tier-dropping boss, all those arcane thingies going around.

The long trash leading to Aran, complete disorder, blizzards, DO NOT MOVE, RUN TO THE WALL, sheeps and elementals.

Chess, which we several times lost :p

Nightbane, fear, the first run-out-of-the-red-stuff boss, and a lot of skeletons (from both the adds and us)

Netherspite, the boss everyone likes to not do, needing high concetration of what to do, and when to take what beam.

And Prince Malchezaar, who always seemed to drop big stonie things on our healers. Where during our first kills, I actually stopped swinging in phase 2, to reduce change on parry-gib.

Today I went to Karazhan, as said, it took me 15 minutes to clear trash towards Midnight. 10 minutes later the boss lay dead at my feet. I didn't used any oh-shit buttons, just some seal-twisting between Light and Wisdom. He dropped a BoJ, the plate tanking wrist which I had equipped a long time, and leather dps gloves, which just recently vanished from my own dps-set. No horse though (that would be nice). He drops around 35g which is nice, and I got a spellcaster ring from trash. So Attumen on farm :P

Moroes is harder I found out, I think I need the glyph of instant turn evil for that. And some macros to get back to the right mob again, but I think its do-able.

I already read that Maiden can also be done, but if you hit R&J on opera, fat chance :p.

Oh, and ofc, here are the pictures:

It does give me an odd feeling of being in Karazhan, it probably should, considering the time I spend there.


And back to what XII is doing now, training people for Malygos, in a group we had last evening, we actually took him down to 12% (10 man for the record). We have a DK on sparks, and me moving a lot. The problem is that while in the vortex, I am most of the time out of melee-range, so no building aggro, and moving also gimps TPS, luckily not that much that it is a problem. although I had a Mirror-Image pulling aggro of me LOL.

It also seems that taking both melee-dps and hunters gimps your raid-dps. BM-specced hunters have a problem with pets, either bugging, or dying a lot, and MM-hunters need to at around 20 yards?? for a lot of their dps, which contradicts with kiting the dragon as near as possible to the center, so the melee-dps can have the buff...

So it seems that the group set-up needs to be: Tankadin(AD rocks here), Priesthealer, Druidhealer, Palahealer, Deathknight(deathgrip), Elemental Shaman(bloodlust), Boomkin, Warlock, Mage, and another caster-dps, with all having a DPS off at least 2k+...

Well, he is on notice :p

edit: looking at the pics, it may become easier if I use Devo instead of crusader /blush

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