maandag 15 december 2008

Block Capped

Well, I did it, I am block capped. Taking around 1k less damage from melee-swings is a lot. I am now in the process to reduce my Blockrating and Defense and converting that to dodge. I can loose around 100 defense, but I need to gain aroun 500 dodge, mmm, that'll take some time.

XII is at this moment no really trying to beat all bosses, I think we just can't be bothered, we may take them down this week, or the next. We are clearing Naxx25 sans 2-3 bosses in 2 nights, so time enough.

Last week we got the achievement for fighting that lady (still bad with names) who enrages, and then you have to sacrifice one follower. It didn't went well with the first sacrifice, which meant that our MT that fight (Sajuuk,Warrior) hit the dust. I was tanking the 4 followers, but immediately picked her up, and went to town. I think I had 5 healers spamming me, my health went from full to 5%, to full again within nano-seconds. At that moment we made the split-descision to NOT sacrifice the adds, and just fight trhough the enrage...good job healers, achiecement accomplished.

On the dancing boss, I changed the tactics we had till that point. We normally let the tank satnd on one place, and sacrifice the melee. I went kiting, and the melee had a fun time. Over the whole fight, only one died...a healer, to bad :p

Last Sunday, I spend around 500g to get Miriani to a lvl220-something Jewelcrafter, Gowron is now a high enough Blacksmith/Enchanter that he can make all the tools he want (tanking-enchants and all buckles), although with the new patch coming up, nchanting may need to be levelled (75 stamina on weapon).

Lets see what happens this week, leading up till christmas....

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