dinsdag 2 december 2008

And 80.

And I reached 80 last saturday. After a little more then 2 weeks, the grinding was over, mind you, i could have reached it faster, but the previous two weekends where well spend with friends.

So, 1.5 hours later of buying stuff, levelling BS a little bit, hopping between alts, and spending more then 1k gold, I wwas on 538 defense, enough to start some heroics. The rest of saturay and some of sunday went to doing heroics. I picked up a shield from Stratholme, Pants from VH (I think) a BR-trinket, and some more stuff. The BR-trinket replaced my faithfull Pocket Watch, the first Item I'd receive in a raid, 1 year and 1 month ago, on Retributions first kill of Moroes.

Sunday XII went to Naxx-25, and we actually pawned the place, which was curious, because we just took al 80's online, including 5 tanks, and went in... Last night I also saw Naxx-10, being the third tank again, kiting around skeletons.

The problem, and that's my problem, that I can't play my game yet, taking the point, putting people on their plaaces, and Tank the shit out of a boss. My gear isn't good enough yet, I have 200 hitrating, but I want to replace that with dodge/parry/br. But thats hard to get by..

At least people trust me, with sub-par gear they still follow me into any dungeon. I have proven that I know how to tank, and I know my party-members know how to play. We had several pulls and misspulls this weekend where any PuG would have run away. We just stood there and faced them Head On. There will be no retreat, no quarter given. and if I remember correctly, I only wiped once or twice in a guild-party. And that was in UP...

I also was asked to tank a party into gundrak with 4 members of one of the leading-guilds, I didn't know them, they didn't know me, so after 7 or 8 wipes on the first boss, I excused myself....later that day, a guild-party I was tanking pwned Gundrak. To believe in your party-members is half the dungeon.

The next weeks I'll run some heroics, do some raids, and level up my alt. I already decided that my huntress is going to be a JC instead of herbalist. She already got mining (to support Gowron), and I need a steady supply of gems, well in 3 weeks I have some vacation, lets see what happens.

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