woensdag 3 december 2008

But I only logged in to...

...do some sons of hodir dailies. I had a party with my collagues, so I logged on around 21.30, after first doing some stuff on our forum. I knew I had one daily to complete to get honored, for the first Shoulder-enchant, so that was quickly acomplished. While I was doing the new dailies, a 'Calibean invites you to a raid' popped up. Well, I clicked yes... and I found out that they needed an extra tank on the 'can-only-heal-3-seconds'-boss in Naxx10.

Being officer and maintankadin I ofcourse couldn't refuse, so there I was in Naxx. With my presence we ofcourse one-shotted him... e-peen FTW :). He dropped the T7-token for paladins/warlocks/priests.. and to my srprise I had Priority, so now I have winged shoulders, ket me see you one thing, I am never gonna 'show helmet' with the T7-head, we look like freaking power-rangers in T7.

Well, because we downed him that fast, we went to the last boss of the four wings still standing. I really should remember their names, but it's the one with positive/negative charge. I really had a problem with remembering which way to run, somehow it becomes blurry somewhere, especially because I was melee-ing. So at 20% I found myself at the wrong side of the boss, positive people all around, and I had only one way to go, into the green stuff. I hopped on a platform, and just ranged-dps from there :p. He dropped the T7-token for me again, but ofc, no priority now. He also dropped the defense-trinket. That was defaulted to me, the other tank was Harrisgr, a Druid, he doesn't need defense.

So now I can probably exchange some def-gems for dodge/parry or stamina-gems, hurray. THe biggest problem for me at the moment is, that I dont have time to farm stuff for food/elixirs. Well, the TBC-flask seems superior to me, and I can still make some of those on Ezrila (it has defense which the WotlK-flask is missing).

On another note, Rozanna, a fellow tankadin, has left the guild to rejoin Team Hippo. He joined us after TH disbanded/stopped raiding. He told Slimpimp, our GM, last week that he had a request to rejoin them, and slimp said, that it was his choice to go, or to stay. During last sundays raid he passed a tanking-item while he had priority, and yesterday he left. Instead of all the past leavers, he actually did the right and honorable thing. Tell your current GM in advance what you are thinking about, and while reconsidering your options, don't be a loot-whore. God-Speed to you Rozanna, to bad we cant join heroics together :p

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