woensdag 31 december 2008

Through Wiping we Learn

Vacation time, so I did a lot the last days :p

First up:

No more Sons of Hodir Dailies for me, really most of them where simple, but when there are 25 people waiting for a spawn of a Giant, it can become tedious.

XII went to Sartharion last night, the officers decided that we should try it with one drake up, untill 22.30. There was a lot of whining after three wipes because some people just wanted to kill the boss, and move on. They didnt wanted to wipe numerous times just for an achievement. Apart from the fact that one drake up also gives more loot, I find Sartharion with no drakes up, just free emblems, it's boring. It's the only achievements I feel worth getting, it says more about your guild then other achievements. It is said that with 3 drakes up, Sartharion is the hardest fight in World of Warcraft at the moment, so besting that is a major thing for your guild.

But it's really simple, if the officers decide that we are going to try it with 1 drake up, WE GONNA TRY IT WITH ONE DRAKE UP, no discussion is needed for that. If you don't want to wipe that much, /gquit and find another guild. Officers in general already have way to much to think about, and then going against it in raid-channel is distracting and not done. Simple, listen and do it.

On the fight, our first pull was a little stupid. Jorky's pet Marilyn (the elite bird from a quest in Dragonblight, named after Marilyn Manson, my idea :p) decided to attack the boss, while we where still giving tasks :p. And everyone ran away, sans me, egonspengler and 1 or 2 more people, wussies... hehe. The first 3-4 tries where used to get the feeling for it, really, Your own survival goes first, just move away from the lava, and red things on the ground. Although with all the stuff going on, most of it is hard to see. Me and Annya (the other Tankadin) where rounding up the adds, and Consecrating. Our extra Drake was Tenebron, with a lot of little drakes :p.

I found out that the drakes only hit me for around 200-300, Block-Cap FTW. So I proposed to just take all the drakes, while Tenebron was killed fast. After 2 more tries with that strategy, we actually had only Sapphiron left...but to bad to many already had died. But the next try gave us:

Good Job Guild, now learn to trust your Officers :p

I did Four Heroics yesterday, from which Three PuGs. I wanted to have the emblems for the dodge-trinket, so I could un-equip the block-rating one. I succeeded, but oh my, Pick-up Groups :p. In 2 of the 3 groups, I came second on DPS, only 1-2 % below number 1... the last PuG, I was luckily third with a larger margin :p, and I didn't only look at overal data, also to boss-only. But my theory of yesterday seems to be right, when I go into LFG, I have a group within minutes.

Next up: Talent-trees for paladins (all three specs) in WotLK, that will be a 3-parter :p, and a lot of writing....

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