woensdag 24 december 2008


...wednesday, servers down till 11.00, so another blog :)

What is a Main Tank these days? Or,more specific, what is a Main Tank?

Normally speaking, which comes from vanilla-WoW, a guild had a MT-warrior, who had priority on all loot, because he took all the damage. Other classes where not considered for MT-ing, because they actually didn't had the tools.

The Burning Crusade changed that. Druids where considered great TAnks from the start, and Paladins fought hard to silence the people that said they couldn't tank. (mind you, I was one of those paladins :p). Around the beginning of 2008, every tank could tank almost any boss, where the best tank for the boss was taken, i.e. Druids for Morogrim, Warriors for RoS phase2, Tankadins for Illidan. So the old Maintank was gone, a guild needed to have several tanks equally geared, hence the Tanking Team.

But the Main Tank still exists, although the role is different. I have been the MT to XII since the first kara-runs. This was because I always min-maxed my gear, knew all the fights, but, most importanly, never would put me in front if there was a job I could better do (through gear or mechanics of the boss).

I never MT-ed Morogrim for example. A druid was better suited for that, and It was better that I'd pick up all the adds. I however always MT-ed Maiden, although it was said Paladins couldn't tank it, I made it clear that me dpsing was a waste, so I'd better tank him, never had any problems with that (MT cleansing Holy Fire FTW :p).

So the MT these days, is actually the tank that says who is gonna tank what. I had a run in Naxx last week, where I only MT-ed Patchwork, the rest of the time I let my fellow tanks do the Job, while I was picking up adds, or just dps-ing (damn, it is hard not to overaggro these days :p).

So, I am still considered MT, not because I actually tank bosses, but because I know how to tank, and what tanking means.

And now that we are at the first hard boss in Wrath (Malygos), it's time to actually min/max my gear again :p.

But ofcourse some e-peen:
Guild-Firsts End-bosses MT-ed by me:
(and I could have done the other ones, but I was not online those days :p)

Happy ChRIsTmas

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