dinsdag 30 december 2008

Your own Achievements

I found a mob just above my old friends the supplicants, who is banished, but still givew weaponskill, so:

...that's what I call: Master of Arms :p

And now something about gear, which I hardly talk about :P
I received the T7.5-chest token last night, which replaced yet another blue. I am now sitting 5% over block-cap, so that badge-dodge-trinket is finally an option, or maybe a stamina-trinket if I can get hold of one. Health is now at 267345, but I already know that the next patch will give around 1.3k more...now when is that coming out...

I am noticing a trend, there is again a tank-shortage, at least for heroics. It seems most new tanks figured out that they can't get their tanks in raiding-guilds, and went back to their original alt or spec. But..healers are even harder to find, a lot of healers went dps for levelling, and liked it that much that they didn't want to return to healing... so now there are to few tanks for heroics, and to few healers for heroics and raids...oh well, at least I am a Tank...now to get a healer :p

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